Big Sigh Ministries

                                                                           a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation

We are not...

A counseling firm.  While we will be available for consultation, listening, and pastoral reflection, we are not licensed, nor called to provide clinical pastoral counseling.

We will have a list of agencies and individuals to which to refer folks if and when the need arises.

We are not a retreat center; however we may on occasion donate our basement “apartment” for those desiring respite in the mountains.

We are not a congregational counseling or consulting organization.  Should we identify significant congregational issues, we would refer them to the district superintendent and/or other appropriate consulting organizations.

What We Are and What We Are Not

We are...                                       

A ministry to help facilitate the renewal leave of ministers/Christian leaders in three particular areas:


  1. Acute care (nearing burnout needing renewal leave),
  2. Prevention of burnout, and
  3. Maintenance of spiritual balance and follow-through once folks return from leave.

We assist participants in identifying and locating areas throughout North Carolina where they can go for respite.  
We educate congregations as to what spiritual formation/renewal leave is and how it benefits their pastor and church through our GRACE BREAK:  Caring for Our Pastor small group study.  We help pastors dream and plan for renewal leave through our GRACE BREAK:  Planning Your Renewal Leave workshops, help transition the pastor into leave, assist in finding pulpit supply and pastoral ministry support during leave, help the congregation with minor issues that may arise during leave, and assist the pastor’s transition back into the parish.

Big Sigh Ministries supplies micro-grants to church and pastor who participate in the Big Sigh Ministries' GRACE BREAK programs.  These are provided through an application process and only when available.