Big Sigh Ministries

                                                                           a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation

Our mission


Renewing this generation of Christian leaders in order to revive this generation of Christian disciples. 

Our Vision

Healthy Christian leaders leading healthy Christian congregations

we believe...

that Jesus Christ gave his disciples a singular mission in this world - to make disciples.

Those who lead others in this mission carry a great burden of responsibility for this mission.  Sometimes, that burden becomes more than we can bear, and others need to come alongside to help bear up an over-burdened leader.

Occasionally, a leader needs time away from the daily rigors of ministry to sit quietly, listening to the Holy Spirit's whispers to be renewed in spirit and vision.  That's what a spiritual renewal leave is all about. 

We're here to help in the renewal of leaders in order to carry out our mission.