Big Sigh Ministries

                                                                           a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation

 "...You  [Big Sigh Ministries] have unlocked the power of the Discipline for the purposes of the kingdom for the benefit of all ministers so churches can make an impact for God..."  Pastor Sonny Reavis, Biltmore UMC, Asheville, NC.

"...I have just returned from my month's renewal leave.  I spent the month of May in solitude on my sailboat in the Marquesas Keys...  It was the longest time in my 22 years of pastoral ministry in which I could rest play, & dance with the Spirit, unplugged and off-duty!  It was magical...This would not have been possible without Big Sigh Ministries."  Pastor Noel Sweezy, First UMC, Stanley, NC.

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Renewing this generation of Christian Leaders in order to revive this generation of Christian disciples.